I put before you a vision for the future of the Church in this archdiocese which has arisen from the way the Synod members voted in June 2021.

This plan could not have emerged in the way it has without you. We have all listened to God who has spoken to us through your work, your reflections, your ideas and your passion for the Church and her place in the world. God has spoken to the archdiocese through her people, religious and clergy. We have been accompanied and encouraged along our journey by our ecumenical partners and by many other people who walk the path alongside us.

This pastoral plan is to serve as the charter for implementing the fruit of Synod 2020. It begins with Christ at the centre and then points out the signposts of our journey. Then there is a detailed unpacking of the six areas of development. These six areas will evolve and be worked on in the years to come.

Malcolm McMahon OP, Archbishop of Liverpool


Podcasts on the pastoral plan from across the archdiocese coming soon, please click here to take part and for more information.