In 2018, the Archbishop of Liverpool, Archbishop Malcolm McMahon OP announced a Synod – the first one in the archdiocese for 66 years.

A Synod is long established practice in the Church for decisive meetings at significant times where members of the Church come together to review issues and make decisions.

Preparing ourselves to imagine and plan a future for our own archdiocese, we spent four years in prayer, listening to our hundreds of Synod members and representatives from other Christian denominations, and took into account over 25,000 submissions and over 3,500 practical proposals.

But nothing could have prepared us for the circumstances in which our archdiocesan Synod 2020 finally took place. Due to the pandemic, we relied on technologies to find new ways to connect and deliver the Synod.

Following our synodal journey, a group made up of people from the archdiocese – men and women, priests and lay people, started working on the pastoral plan. On the first Sunday of Advent, 27/28 November 2021, the pastoral plan was launched.