What does this mean?

In the spirit of synodality, we resolve to grow in understanding that all the baptised share in the one priesthood of Christ. This invites us to support the fact that most people live out their vocation in their family and working life. We will also try to find new ways in which priests, deacons and lay people can be formed for ministry together.

How will we achieve this?

Here’s what we shall do to address area of development 2:

  • Encourage the understanding that all the baptised share in the priesthood of Christ and that the ordained ministry exists to serve the priestly people of God, enabling the gifts of all to flourish.
  • Implement the extension of the instituted ministries of Lector, Acolyte and Catechist to lay leaders, exploring the ways in which these most effectively can be deployed in our changing archdiocesan realities alongside the many other forms of lay ministry, eg chaplaincy, bereavement and funeral ministry, ministry with families, the sick and housebound, the ministry of charity, etc.
  • Maximise the possibilities open to us for collaboration in the initial formation of priests, deacons and lay ministers. As a first step we will set up a foundation year for all ministries (lay and ordained). This will replace the current propaedeutic years for deacons and priests and establish a paradigm for joint formation and in-service.
  • Develop formal processes for ongoing formation for all in ministry and leadership positions (priests, deacons and laity).
  • Build on the findings of the Ministry Research Project being conducted by Liverpool Hope University into diaconal and lay ministry to ensure that the learning is reflected in new structures, by looking to implement the recommendations of the Ministry Research Project for the formation and support of deacons and lay ministers.
  • Establish a new post within the Pastoral Development Department to co-ordinate formation.

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The area development coordinators for area 2 are Fr Chris Fallon and Deacon Paul Rooney.