What does this mean?

Synodality is the expectation that everyone will be heard, that the Spirit speaks to us through all parts of the Church’s body – the laity, and the clergy, the lost, the seeking and the found. A listening heart will strengthen the bonds that bind us together and to Christ.

How will we achieve this?

Here’s what we shall do to address area 3:

  • Create a new advisory body that will replace the Archbishop’s Council as the consultative body that meets regularly with the Archbishop. Its membership will include laymen and women, as well as clergy.
  • Create an archdiocesan synodal council which will also be given the responsibility of monitoring the implementation of the pastoral plan.
  • Clarify the relationship between the various bodies that underpin synodality (e.g. Trustees, Synodal Council, Archbishop’s Council [or successor], Council of Priests, etc.) and inculcate ways of working in each that support synodality.
  • Implement synodal ways of working at all levels of the archdiocesan support services.
  • Be alert to ways in which we can do some things ‘better together’ ecumenically.

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The area development co-ordinators for area 3 are Fr Aidan Prescott and Kate Wilkinson school chaplain at All Hallows Catholic High School.