What does this mean?

We need to renew our structures and find ways to use our properties more
effectively without losing sight of what is good and precious. The parish has turned out to be a resilient structure in time of crisis.

Synodality gives us the opportunity to reimagine what a parish could be. Families of parishes could share resources – while being led in bold and courageous new ways and strengthen the bonds of the extended family of the archdiocese.

How will we achieve this?

Here’s what we shall do to address area 4:

  • Implement the new deanery structures.
  • Constitute in each deanery a Deanery Synodal Council (DSC), chaired by a lay person appointed by the Archbishop.
  • Provide formation to deans, chairs and members of Deanery Synodal Councils.
  • Require the Deanery Synodal Councils to explore local need and resources that will lead to the establishment of families of parishes.
  • Support the Deanery Synodal Councils to explore different ways of parish leadership boldly and creatively, which might be by priests, deacons or lay men and women.
  • Carry out a comprehensive audit of archdiocesan property and land.
  • Use the information gathered by the audit to equip the families of parishes to look creatively at their building needs and whether the possible release of funds from the sale of property that is no longer required could be used to secure the future mission of the Church and to explore ways of property becoming more environmentally sustainable.

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The area development coordinators for area 4 are Martin Miller, chief operating officer at the Archdiocese of Liverpool and Helen Jones pastoral development advisor at the archdiocese.