What does this mean?

When Pope Francis asked us to “spend time with the future”, the future he was referring to was our young people. The work of rebuilding and renewing will be meaningless if we do not pass it on. We will focus on ensuring that the voices of young people and young adults are heard.

How will we achieve this?

Here’s what we shall do to address area 5:

  • Appoint a full-time youth advisor to:
    • Create a networked youth ministry that brings together present and future provision across the archdiocese.
    • Resource the development of an accompaniment model for all those involved with young people and young adults.
    • Look towards locally-resourced and deployed work with young people and young adults.
  • Develop a Youth Council to bring concrete proposals to the agreed diocesan structures. Membership of this will be open to young people who have been confirmed.

We will increase support for the Catholic life of our schools by:

  • exploring a central archdiocesan chaplaincy structure;
  • developing and promoting an accompaniment model in the Education Department’s work with schools;
  • developing formation for school foundation governors.

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The area development coordinators for area 5 are Fr Michael Fitzsimons and Fr Simon Gore.