Christ is the centre and heart of our pastoral plan. The months of isolation and distancing due to the pandemic have renewed our sense of the strength and grace we gain from Christ and each other. Christ is there in our midst always.

With Christ at the centre we can then reflect on what kind of Church God is calling us to be. We have broken down Christ at the centre into four parts:

A diagram showing the four headings for Christ at the centre.

Christ shared in our humanity

The starting point for our engagement with other people is the conviction that Christ’s birth, life and death has affected and changed the whole of humanity. There is nobody in this world who is not in some way united with Christ, whether they realise it or not. Christ walks alongside every person through the events of their life.

Christ died and rose in love for all

The Church does not look at humanity and the world through rose-tinted glasses: she recognises that both ‘the call to grandeur and the depths of misery’ are ‘part of human experience.’ People are capable of great generosity, creativity and beauty: we can each give joy and comfort to others. Yet, humanity can also inflict terrible suffering.

Christ shared his mission with all the baptised

We were called to pattern our lives on Christ when we were baptised. We emerge from the font as people who have been profoundly joined to Christ and made one with him and his mission.

Christ unites us to himself and each other at Mass

Throughout the Synod process many people raised concerns about having access to Mass and the Sacraments. We need to ask the question that lies under those concerns: what is it about the Mass that makes it so important that its celebration should underpin our pastoral planning? The Mass is the focal point of our faith.

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